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Steer the investigation on here dudes!
04.01.05 (2:17 pm)   [edit]

You sure are the lot of pint sized muffins. I couldn't grasp the suspicious aphsalts of grade school so I sent a cool lemon on its shopping trip.



Beta betta beeeta! SUNSHINE BABY! We know your honk tonka, trucks are impounded on the slice of peices. Seeming the world if only it did this...what what? Ingrammatical sentences?? Third peices are out there, grrrr!


If the cheese packaging hit you in the nose, don't be surprised to fly. Let your regions flyyyy.......swabs. Human blood has been known to cause certain combs in the cirlces..

Obviously, you're out and about, silly sandwich. Did dit doot dat.


If and when I die, to fly was there a sigh? Oops, page not found. Distance yourself, mates.

Mix the ingredients....
02.06.05 (9:59 am)   [edit]

There's more theme parks here than on planet Plant. Thursdays are exquisite on back off station numbah 5.


Whoa! Way out there, dudemeister, it was a telepathic event hosted in the outer regions of space! Of the livingroom.

However, if you like cookies, you'll like a veggie portion. But if that's what you're into, you got no hope in regional sales. I can't help you, but I can refer you to this guy on a forum who makes posts in l33t. He has....298389425y8u489y554543564654754344 posts. Yes folks, theres even letters in there!

quiet and light, was the sponge mix in Isotopia. It was not the award that mattered, but the address of this world.

Peace friends.

You don't understand my stadium!
10.02.04 (4:29 pm)   [edit]
Rita was here on the teabag. You ain't ending up like her, young magazine.

Be the best ink you can be. Computers are a mere blockage on your way to the inevitable toilet.

I react strongly when provoked by killer monitors. Or do I?

Is THIS a matter of physics? o.O

>_> Pick a topic. Except the cracked up one. Support the collection!

Got a question? Leave a question. question your questions on a daily basis.


Biscuits. o_O

You wouldn't trust a donut with a pineapple, would you?
06.22.04 (2:31 am)   [edit]
Dapple dopple. Eating it was considered a tea party. Quite exquisite, really.
To be annoyed was a thousand cans of beans' dreams. You see, no-one was the wiser on Monday..

I wondered many things, like when the shop would rocket into space, or mushrooms on that computer. The fluid of many wires is made out to be amazingly tasty.

So, will you or won't you buy a letter?
We need your kelp. Not help. Kelp.

Blue Glue is here. Or there.
06.01.04 (2:49 pm)   [edit]
Retention fluid is back! I noticed out of the corner of the corner shop you were eating away at the very existence of stark numbers.

Go back to the pridelands, you say. But no, how could I? You asked for an answer I come up with none. So, on our quest of paths and plenty of dull conversations about the weather, we take a pathlogical turn to right-winded stuffings, resulting in our incredible theory of the massive steaks of cheese we have.


Bray, I say nay. You were here to stay, but instead, turned me away. What a fateful day. Getting keys to park the attic was hard enough, but now you want extra loft space in the garage?!?

Ya better run. Or I'll...see lights. Wah. Wam.

I got this feeling of the cheese mongerers coming after you now..

Caking the cookies just for YoU. YUO. You. Yeah, that's it.
05.04.04 (11:38 am)   [edit]
I was settling for the peice of cheese when paper intruded. Took its' time, didn't it?

Vast differences in this place happen too often to be real. Will you look for me? Take my eyes, in that case.

True blossoms were evolving in restricted motions. Don't activate it on a toadstool.

You wouldn't know unless I said so.

It acted like a magnifying rod on a pole. Miser the miser. Protective cheese pasties.

Grilling my offers on cheese.
04.14.04 (11:16 am)   [edit]
Miffing moffing maffing.

Grilled representatives. They support the extended version of Windows120. Million. It crashed.


Break I do will what when?
You ask for it, but you don't say please.

That took me one step closer to the edge. Woof.
I'm a bit stoooooopid.

Rig the events. It'll cost ya.

Reaching Star Trek: The Trek of the Stars.
04.12.04 (2:25 pm)   [edit]

-A spring attacks you-

Staple it. No, see, I want it stapled. Now. No, not now. NOW! I mean now. What? Yes. Now.

This is how it is for many who want paper stapled. I went through it at age -10.
I like keyboards. Staple diets kill you. But what if I extended the deadline?

I want meh keyboard. I like the tricks. Many options. I hesitate the pizza gifts.

But, what happens to a rock on a frosty afternoon? Nothing. I concluded, after settling for a sandwich with cheese. No, not too much cheese. Wait, that's ok. No, now there's too much. Yes. Ok.

Lol roflmao rofl afk btk im ur u rite lyke kewl n/m.

I'm going down to Gastards farm.

Getting ranks on a peice of cartilage was the right way for ward. Yes, ward. We love ward.
04.12.04 (2:17 pm)   [edit]
You see, it ain't the same stuff no more.

I thought of sorting my picture collection, but...

Conjuring a spell of mass-fragments, I thought I'd do a twirl!
Plot formatting works on an episode of blocks. You need a 5-point 10 pentium proccessor on a GB walk. Would it hurt to access a browser frontier?

What if I said, "Chill the cheese"? You'd think I was totally barmy! My, I'd have lost the plot? Oh, I say old chap! HAVE AT YOU, SMELLY!

You decide that a work-shop would be best. Dee-daa-doo-dee-dee-daa..

Get the right act on yer scale.
04.10.04 (3:55 pm)   [edit]
Rona was indecently charged with the murder of three cranium rods.

You see, I fail to know you. It was a particular reaction to fluids that provoked to the miserable time-warp.

If you're not noticing, cronic whirlwinds somersault. Right-wing candidates were selected to moronically perform the performing arts. Don't take a scratch.

Picking the influence is right. Cheese wants a peice of it. Do you?

Secure your tight-caps, we're going to a heavy stock-market!
04.02.04 (3:06 pm)   [edit]
Hitch a ride to the center of the Earth. Cold and dry temperatures expected. Due near you in two days time.

A baby so-side horde discovered this information on a mound of hollows.

It appears you made a come-back. You natural forces. I am demonized by the central heating bill in costly futures, of many hazy dreams.

You appear to me.

Eeek-eeek-eeek-eek thrash.
Try yesterday. The shops stock more. Frazzle dazzle.
Windows 97 won your hearts in a competition. Not surprisingly, those very same hearts were sold over the worlds largest internet auction site, Seekers.

E-Bay lost their times in sickening thuds. Frantically, you seal the deal.

Pop tarts work on a commercial scale.
04.01.04 (6:57 am)   [edit]
-Pens appear and hit you on the head-

Time for a retribution on a collosal scale, people. It hurts when burgers went on a rampage through your mind in distant futures.

Futile buisnesses corrupt the generation of anti-printer people.

Pictures hanging on major stepping stones did many things to help the time based schemes.

Cheese? You don't know it. It's really on a page on the isle of somewhere.

Think of it as the peices of a portrait. Cheese creams.

Exceeding limitations, many things intruded on my life. Including biscuits.
03.24.04 (12:32 pm)   [edit]
Beep beep.

Pretty face what you worth. Whee.

It was yesterday I noticed things were more expensive, said the niceness of CDs.
Varnish goes well on toast. Hey got a credit card? Nice weather for a picture.

I met myself one day. Action Man decided to interfere the process of biscuits and herbal remedies.

Bridge stands worth a penny in drasticness in demonized products.
Glasses are promoted to Major Catastrophe principles.

WHOA! >_>
Duuuude. Pick a topic. Any topic.

The new tactic: Syntax errors coupled with couples.Don't forget the jam.
03.16.04 (3:09 pm)   [edit]
You weren't thinking that, were you?
Blog reminder: New ways to eat indexes start yesterday under the light of a lamp.
Oh..that reminds me..did you remind me of important dances on caravan atop a rooster? You forgot so I made up some new things called Rovers.

never forget the one true love of everyones life: cheese.
Absolutely everyone loves it. No matter what.

So, anyway the computer went on a destroying rampage leaving behind a paige of complete trust to a cheese cake.
Speak to me when you won't.

Still needing maintenance:Marmaduke the marmalade collector.
03.01.04 (2:10 pm)   [edit]
Warmer jackets on a pole in London. Peices of fly-by cosmetics surrender to pink fluid, it was revealed yesterday.
It declared never-lasting decades of undiluted pink fluid on cosmetic-5 industry.

I went...POOF!
No more teacherrss...
I love you, you love me. Schools oouut for winter!
Blackcurrants on a rampage to destroy middle-earth!
A-hem, I must go. Good-bye, dear publishers of this world!

Ringing things on a right plaster. Left to the hall.
02.28.04 (3:41 pm)   [edit]
It's the one of this stuff!
Tommorrow? You want to know about it? Doo-dee-doo.
Dot dot dot. Smilie. Enter yer text. Weeeee....
Pamela anderson was walking down a street aisle.
One day, i noticed this cheese on the bottom left of the carpet. Hush little baby.
It's just a bit of limescale. Grain grainy.
It's an authority on left hand-measurements. Cheesey fingers touch the wide spectrum of forgiveness.
Doooo...dun dun-dooo..
Hey there! Didn't see ya!
Hi, cheese grills are so forth yesterday time speaking wotsits.
Hill to the ruuuun...
To the run hiiilll..

Caster sugar development beings in Devonshire.
02.27.04 (11:19 am)   [edit]
Singing' happy things to those who need a bike..

Oh, yet another addition to this whole affair/lark/whatever/whatsit.
I love you.

Mince pies cosmetics: coming to a person near you on a bean pole of magnetic intensifier rod multiples.
Bulb love increased it's dramaticness in a new Tuesday.
In other news. Your one true ambition is to create little ditties for companies such as Quorn:the tribute band to Korn industries, inc.
I'm still alive on thos field of existence. While you were ahppy to see me, you noticed a cataclysmic force surrounding candidates for apples.
Good eclipse of the moon to you.

Kisses to all who supported those who support cheese mongerers.
02.26.04 (2:50 pm)   [edit]

Hey hey! Your host, and parasite, me!
Fudge that..
That is soo...soooooooooooooooo..
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo un-coral.. :cry: Wah.
Dunna dun dun...
Ok, here's a slice of related information on the Tory party:
Hey, lookit what Mr Gordon says.
Why, would one say I was not capable of letting go?
-Whole..tory-like people mongerers start parading up and down, all doing a different dance-
Whoa! Erm.....hey. :D
Your thoughtless attention span led me to believe that your thoughtlessness is actually thoughts because you were thinking when you were being thoughtless; you have to think to say anything.
Oh, by the way, people, visit, my,blog,please? It's called the Blog Of Insanity...
I mght visit it one day. Drop or pick up me a comment any time-compressed day.
I saw you in the park. what a lark! Oh haappy daaaayyss...
Forkin' movies always cost a penny more than they used to. Mind you, the city democracy went up by a pint yesterday.
I support ya. Take these tears; i made 'em into crystals for you. :) I'll form myself one day, it just takes time when you're in the Tory party.
Oh, by the way, President Bush and I decided all you denizens and citizens out there need some warm-up commercials. Pick up your copy today!

I am hoping I can find a piece of mind. Mmmmm..mind..
02.26.04 (2:34 pm)   [edit]
-Lasers and rockets appear-

Community outreaches paid you both sunshines.
A glass is worth a penny. Never forget; an ant never forgets. Elephants do. Vote ants. Elephants will NOT be our president this year, madam!

And weeeeeeeeeellllllllcoooomeeeeee our neeeeewwww guuueeesssttt.....

Tell us, Pam, have you ever eaten a snake?
-Continues for a while-
Ok, enough of that.
Now, where would the twix factor come into your life. So do I. Ah fluxuated tendencies. Oh my good good goodness! I live yesterday, failing to notice today in it's swirl of magnetic objects. You take a part of me. Snake bites.
Tommorrow, I say you. No, seriously, I didn't. Cloud did.
A good grasp of the asp was what was needed in this training manual for destruction of ...RIIGHT NOW!!!
Wha? Who? Tea? Who?
It was washed up. I am all washed out. I had a shower today! I'M WASHED OUT!
Roar. Fear me. It supported the staff, but...RAAAAAR! Reverting to cheese grill mode!
If you resort to the pie measures, I will have to see you on custard!

Pepsi Chart Mix: Now with added Korn!
02.26.04 (2:14 pm)   [edit]
Both odd things would be the same. Trix are outta this world.

:P Love that face. tell me, are you a.....n00b?
N00B N00B N00B N00B N00B N00B N00B N00B N00B -This is getting old-N00B N00B N00B N000B N00B!
Phew..could of gotten younger, but the post was cut in half by sublimal forces on a lemon pancake.
Seriously, who invented the word n00b? Someone who had nothing better to do than pick on others because their own life is bad? Psh. Posh. Pish.... :D
People that say "n00b" to offend others need this bit of advice:
Yer all the so called "n00bs". Where is the love..? -_- You obviously don't have it. Don't like what I say? Then flame me. Go on, you kow you want to. Just add to how bad the world is. Now wouldn't that be nice? :)
All those poor kids neglected because of hate..all those innocent pets and animals abused for no reason..all the death..all the pain...everywhere you go, pain. Pain. Pain Pain. Sorrow. Hate. Now, what do you think will come of saying "n00b" now? I guess I can't stop you. Oh well. Don't say ya weren't warned. :wink:
Don't let these people that call you a "n00b" get to you. You are the better person, because you don't have to offend people to get recognition. There ya go.
Pie face. I was a little smaller on my home planet. Juice guess what this is?
You've took it the mall....
I'll take back what's mine. Yoink!
What are you saying to me, Inspector Doesn't Learn Good Values? Woof? Woooo!
Dee dee doo doo..dun didlly dum dum.
Heh. Hm....
I love you.
Apple pie rox my sox! :P I don't like it really! Drunk tavern ones.
I shall be returning on May the 2nd ten nine whatsit?
Farewell. Hello. Good morning. Does it make me bad?
Pure morning....
Nice song. Pie mongerers.
Oh dear, look at me ramble on! Sorry, dears!

P.S-Due to our (what am I saying? ) Erm..due to the one good commenter we, I mean I, have heard from, you will now be getting two extra helpings of pure golden insanity. Mmmmmm..insaaaaniityyy....

:twisted: 8) :twisted:

H.I.M was made yesterday in a factory of people in jumpsuits.
02.17.04 (3:23 pm)   [edit]
Yesterday, and today, at the same time, I saw a butterfly. It said to me: you know what, you did notice a place on the outskirts of a skirt of skirtyness.
A big nasty bumble bee came along and said "Hi! I'm Barbie!"
Remember, grease is useful. Makes a good rubber.
Don't forget, eBay is actually all about toasters. Big bubbles of them all.
I can't believe the stuff I submit to myself. People don't agree.
No, that was a keyboard. I say Fanta is tasty, but not on someones head. Couches are not to be messed with; they are a powerful force. Barbie knows all. Why don't you? That would be because, you are a lollypop mongerer. Happy happy faces on a mug..happy happy faces on a juuuuuug...of..water! Warning: Copyright material is here to stay. DON'T BRING IT DOOOWWNN! DON'T BRING IT DOOOWN! I'M NOT GONNA BREAK IT DOWN I'M NOT GONNA BREAK IT DOWN I'M NOT GONNA BREAK IT DOWN I'M NOT GONNA BREAK IT!Dun dun dun..e.t.c.
I am a moderator. On another planet. What is your way of eating a creme egg? Not the same way I do, I hope. Oh no, that would be copying, naughty! I know a recipe, it's called emoticon mix.
Here it is:
:D :) :( :o :shock: :roll: :wink: :idea: :x :lol: :?
Guitar strings from space! o_o"
Index fingers are like, so yesterday. Like, listen man! Like, scandalous! Nothing wrong with preps. even though I dislike the way they talk. o.0
Do you have a problem? Ask your moderator to say it! Get got it good!

Metallica was here with a Mini.
02.17.04 (3:11 pm)   [edit]
Today? You really want to know about today?
Once upoun a time, two pixies were walking along.
They noticed the beautiful clear skies, the lush,green forest, and the birds singing lovely songs in the trees.
All was well.
Then they got to a fountain of crystal clear water, and saw their reflection. They laughed as they made funny faces in the water. Oh, what a happy tale.
But, little kids(and adults-you silly silly adults!Trix are for kids!), they did not know who was in the bushes.
I was. Looking at the two playful pixies near me(they couldn't see me), I then went back to writing fics about runaway marshmallows. But then, I noticed something was not right about this diary entry.o.0
I then took a chainsaw out of nowhere, ran over to the pixies andsevered their little arms and legs off. Oh, how I enjoyed the sight of it.Their bright red blood splattering everywhere, their little itty bitty veins showing,oh, how stringy those veins were! They cried, I laughed. Then, as if to get this diary entry a 12 rating at the least, I severed their heads off. Then I skillfully used the chainsaw to cut open their heads. Their little squishy brains inside..
Ah, I won't go on too much. Go on. you know you want to hear a less voilent entry, don't you? Run along now, kiddies!

02.11.04 (1:04 pm)   [edit]
Today I saw cheese on a cake. All the cheese melted on the carpet and BLEW UP! It went KABOOM! Then I saw the attic. Tom Jones came out of there and asked me how to work the computer. I said no, cheesecakes DON'T go well on toast.
It was a long time before Tom saw the soap in the attic. Then he said everythin g he did was great then ran off. I made that up. Or did I..?
After all..we are all part of the Matrix..o_0

Another addition to maple syrup on toast.
02.09.04 (1:44 pm)   [edit]
Ah, what about today?
Well, there was an incident at school today..
That squirrel blew up the science lab..he always was a bad student.. :roll:
But, in addition to spinning rolls, maple syrup now goes with stock markets!
It's basically available in different ways; first you can make maple syrup with trees,and also with washing machines!
Yes! Washing machines will make your day! washing machines truly do last longer with Calgon!!
Buy all you can today!
Oh, and teletubbies rule.

Squirrels. Lots of them.
02.05.04 (3:27 pm)   [edit]
Today, I saw a squirrel. No, not a squirrel. A SUPER DUPER AMAZING SQUIRREL! And it had sunglasses.
And a handbag. It was listening to rock music.
And it said to me: You're a biatch!
So, I said to it: First of all, learn how to spell right, then secondly, bitch means a female dog. Get your facts right!!
The squirrel then tried to kill me with cheese. I made it eat the cheese.
End of story.
Case closed -Throws case out the window-